Colours of the Wind

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I am not so proud of myself for doing more colours now as I have always loved colours. Like what everyone says they are proud of themselves for wearing colours, like because they always wear black. *cringe

But having said that, It is truly true that prime colours are making their way to the top of the colour wheel again. I mean there’s just gotta be more than black right or grey?  Thank God!


Gucci Moment

Gucci is having its moment right now.

Uhm, I mean I was too?


Putting all the pun aside, Gucci’s makeover was pretty refreshing and has set the trend. It has modernised the brand in a good way. The Gucci brand was now known for its visually attractive patches aka the coral snakes which was like the brand’s forefront.



I especially love this piece from their collection. This boat shoes is very minimal but still having that signature Gucci snake embossing at the front which really sealed the deal for me. Also, the subtle red detail at the back made this more Gucci than being like a Sperry. Have been eyeing this shoe for a while now. Hopefully I can let myself buy this bad boy!




Relaxed is the new fit

The perfect combo in styling and in everyday life, I thought was fit and comfort. If an outfit doesn’t fit very well then it probably won’t be comfortable if that makes sense. But an outfit that is comfortable and stylish at the same time is definitely a killer. Who wouldn’t want to be almost wearing nothing? (like not what your green mind thinks) *winkwink.

One of the current trend rn is the relaxed fit. Although, I can still see body fitting silhouettes. The relaxed fit is making a come back in a subtle way. I kind of gravitate towards the more fitted most of the time. However, there are clothes that just sits in your body very well and won’t leave you like a hanger. I’m loving this fit right now.

The first outfit is my favourite. This thrifted Armani Exchange top is one of those diamond in the rough finds I managed to score on my last thrift trip. The material is cotton, so soft and lays very well on the body. I love the drapey look it gives. You could actually turn it into those trendy off the shoulder tops for womens, of course. Also, been wearing these Navy blue shorts non-stop from Forever 21 that isn’t too tight fitting. The length of it makes me look slightly taller. Accessorised it with my Triwa dive watch, that I also really adore! I thought it made this look expensive than looking like I just got out from bed.

IMG_1041FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 5

This second look is pretty straightforward. I bought an extremely soft knitted jumper at the thrift. I was so lucky to find this for 5 bucks! It was from a premium UK knitwear brand that retails for at least 150 pounds. I just tucked it in and put on my Yeezy’s. I tried to look like Rihanna or other celebs who just stepped out of the bed and just put on random clothes they could find on the floor with a bit of hangover and looked extremely FASHION. It’s not like I wanted to look like them. But I love that feeling of putting an outfit without too much effort and that turns out so well. FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 3

Streetwear Looks

As I have always said, those outfits I choose in a whim are simply better than most outfits that I spend most time doing. I went recently to a few thrift stores and gathered interesting pieces that suited my current appetite for street style.

With this first look, I played with the fit and colour. Times are changing. We are seeing more colours again. Red is one of my colour to bet on next to orange. Keeping it with the trend, the relaxed look also got me hooked up. I adore the juxtaposition of the street and preppy with this. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be feeling comfy and cool in an outfit.  Both pieces were thrifted. Thinking of cropping the NYC t-shirt?

There isn’t more to say.



This second look is probably my go-to outfit when I want to be lazy but still wanted to look I took some time with my outfit. Tucking in the shirt made this look more put together.  Adding an accessory like the belt and a watch can even elevate the look further. That is completely up to your mood or style. Jeans and shirt are from the thrift.


IMG_0922IMG_0923Finished the look with my ever loyal, penny loafers from ZARA. I may need to find another one like this as this is my ride or die shoes. Gearing towards dying. Lol. It’s so versatile that you can pack this on your suitcase and you won’t need to worry if it will go with any of your outfit because it not like a teen trying to fit in because it will definitely fit in! LOL. Just a quick storytime, every time I wear this shirt around, I seem to get a lot of attention. Not knowing before, Thirty Seconds to Mars, now I know! One mate even approached me, and willing to get the shirt right off my back! Crazy. Lol

Social Media Blackout: What I’ve learned so far

Towards the end of my holiday last month, I got predominantly stressed with people in general particularly in social media. So, I took the initiative of severing my ties with Facebook(as if we are friends) then Instagram. The decision has proved to be very beneficial on my part. I became more engaged with like real life people(not virtually) and mostly my family. I felt like I am really living a life. Started to notice that I became connected with my siblings and  friends. Before the black out, I share moments in my life by posting it on Instagram and that was it. I don’t actually reach out to people. It was my way of updating them about what has been going on with my life. That is why when I had a chance to stand back and do all of this, I thought to myself “What am I actually doing with my life?”. I’ve let myself get into the quicksand of superficiality(if there was even a term). This is not life I envisioned myself being into.

I found my centre again (literally on this pic) with less mental clutter but with more focus. I found time to do other things rather time wasting it on scrolling down thru Facebook aka doing nothing. And most specially, having the time to sit down and to do this. Just focusing my energy and mind into doing things I really love.

It’s been 2 weeks now since starting off with this. I don’t know how long will I be able to do this or if I will ever go back to Facebook. I might go back to Instagram though.

But I am so much happier now. 🙂


Confessions of a Bakasyonista


Holiday, vacation or a break. Whenever you hear these from someone or from your boss that you have been approved for a leave, it couldn’t be anymore sweeter in your ears. Then, counting the days until the holiday. Tickets booked and bags are packed. Ready.

Coming home for a Holiday always sounds extra good especially on Christmas time. Giving pasalubongs(term for presents from a new land in Filipino) feels so fulfilling when you give them personally and you see your family and friend’s delighted reactions and words of gratitude. That is something you couldn’t really buy anywhere. Priceless.

Going for a holiday, you need to be prepared for all the expenses. Going out with friends, eating out, shopping, and giving away your hard earned money to your family which causes you enough joy and enough grief? I kid. Of course, let’s just say it’s all for the love of family. It’s just sad sometimes you have friends, who you barely talk to then suddenly you will hear from them upon knowing that you are in the island. Can we meet up? To talk about how we never talked in forever? Sorry not sorry. And you get those relatives that would do the same. I just roll my eyes and pray while still staying humble.

While you are there in the moment, forget work and just have fun. Try to stretch out the time because time really flies when you’re having fun. And you’ll be just like where are all the days gone 5 days to the end of your vacay. I never really had a chance to stay at home and just do nothing. I was always on the road doing something which was physically taxing but I did not regret. I reckon staying at home makes me think that I am wasting time while I could be out there doing something exciting. But for next time I will definitely alot time for the pleasure of doing nothing.

Next, checking up where your money has gone will leave you terrified and out of place. Where has your fortune gone? The drain. Just try to console yourself that it happens when your having fun. Simply put, if you got scammed by whoever it could be worse. Really worse. Just a tip if you want to keep track of your expenses, make a list or put a note on your phone every time you spend so you keep track of where your money is going. Therefore, preventing bill shock after checking your bank.

Filipinos are very generous with family. We value family more than anything else. I still and will always want to go back home for a holiday. It’s where my heart is and will always be. This was my best break yet. I have been to new places, met new people, ate great Filipino food and had fun with family. I planned on extending my holiday but I will just put that for next time. Vacation days are not always enough and so is your bank account. Lol. So, work harder again and play later.

Always the bittersweet part is when you have to be at the airport and just promise to be back again. Crushes your heart each time. But savour the holiday by browsing thru your thousands of priceless pictures and memories on your phone and in your heart.


Neutrals #OOTD

It was about time to post something on my blog. Just in time for Halloween. I know cobwebs and spiders have invaded my blog! Lol. It was a long time coming. Starting again was pretty hard to be truly honest. Nevertheless, I am back!

Although at some point I have been stuck with black ensemble, I am originally an earth tone kind of guy. Particularly, drawn towards brown tones(like always). Almost all my bags  are brown. My style inspiration comes from different social media influencers like David Guison, Drew Scott.

I love juxtaposing dapper/formal with street/casual. Tucking in your shirt creates a sort of more put together look. Also, adding a belt can break up your look from looking too street style.


The raw edge jean trend has been everywhere. I took inspiration from Steph and Mel of The Fashion Citizen(Youtube). Just simply hack off the bottom of your jeans and let it fray or do interesting distressing on it. Currently, starting to create my own take on the raw edge distressing. Also, these Puma laces are quite long so You could tie it around your ankle for some extra street style punch.


In my experience, when I don’t try too hard on my looks it gets even better than I imagine. I love how this look turned out. I hope you did too!


Truth about Minimalism according to Myself

Living less is more. The minimalist lifestyle fad has been going around Youtube or in real person’s lives. I have watched a ton of videos about minimalism. People sorting out things in their closet, decluttering wardrobes and donating things. I just thought if your main aim of being a minimalist is to cut up with expenses and just buy things you really need. This will create an empty space and that will make room for more things to fill up of that emptied space thereby incurring more expenses if that makes sense. Just use those things in your closet until you hate them or they break apart.


But saying that, people have testified that they felt good and free with less things which makes sense. Long before, people don’t have 10 pairs of shoes and 10 pairs more in storage they only have a pair of shoes because clothes and fashion is expensive and they have to choose the best or what they just need. I wanted to jump into the bandwagon but I’m just weeding out some things that I really don’t wear anymore or doesn’t fit me. Keeping in mind that whenever you take something out of your closet you need to take control of not buying anymore just because you let go of something.

Minimalists have curated capsule wardrobes where they pick out 37-39 articles of clothing and accessories per season. They only need to use these items within the season. It is still up to you if you will add in or shop a little in between. The idea of capsule wardrobe is to choose essential pieces that could be interchangeable to other articles of clothing creating as much outfit ideas as possible. I have yet to try this.


Buying trendy pieces is not where we need invest in but on daily versatile articles which could be worn any day and will be able to be reused. Uhm, Yes, basics is the way to go.

We all have our own opinion and philosophy. In the end it is always your happiness that should come first and not others. So don’t just do it just because your favorite Youtuber did it. Do it for yourself. I believe that living within our means is an underlying philosophy of minimalism. Importantly, it is still notable to say that not only is minimalism applied to dressing up but to our daily lives in general as well. We don’t live to get all hot and new sneakers. We live to live the LIFE.

Yas, enough of the nonesense Kenny. Talk to you soon!

Reunited in SG

I’ll let the pictures speak for itself. We had fun in Singapore especially with the whole family with you. What more could you ask for. It’s already a blessing just being with them and more so enjoying it in Singapore. Just seeing their eyes sparkle in joy is a truly golden moment for me. I know I am getting more matured now but I love it. Enjoying every bit of life has to offer.





IMG_2072IMG_1992IMG_1975IMG_1954IMG_1952IMG_2120IMG_2143 (1)IMG_2146



Mama obsessing over IKEA!


This trip will not be without an #OOTD. Top from H&M, Noak suit pants from ASOS, Nike Kaishi runners.

To the lives we choose to live. To the path we have crossed and continue to walk by. It feels so good to be alive!


My heart swells. This is gold.


It’s easy to get lost from your center when you have a lot in your table. You get your hands full and sometimes it’s hard to free them when your hands are still busy. I have learned that even if you get too stressed and problematic with work and life in general, we need that sudden halt to take a  break and just breathe. Sometimes, we see the answers when we stay away from our work.

Spend a holiday somewhere you have never been to. Try something different like a restaurant you have been lusting in Yelp. It doesn’t always have to be something big. Take a few minute walk to the park and put on a good music. I feel good when I do that.

Excuse the not-fashion-related post but I thought it’s relevant to tackle this. Stylists and creative people undergo the same stress as all people do. In order for the creative juices to flow freely, destressing is essential. I think I have done that with my recent holiday. Thank God I made that decision. Also, thanks to my sister for making me take the leave for her wedding or else I’ll still be miserable. Kidding. I’m planning my next holiday.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset


This was taken at St. Kilda in Melbourne. I’m wearing all sorts of denim. Like always. From the top: wearing Levis thrifted denim jacket( which I’m obsessed with), ASOS extreme super skinny jeans, Uniqlo sweater, Nike Kaishi. Photography by Roi Mendoza.

See you on my next post.