Social Media Blackout: What I’ve learned so far

Towards the end of my holiday last month, I got predominantly stressed with people in general particularly in social media. So, I took the initiative of severing my ties with Facebook(as if we are friends) then Instagram. The decision has proved to be very beneficial on my part. I became more engaged with like real … Continue reading Social Media Blackout: What I’ve learned so far


Confessions of a Bakasyonista

Holiday, vacation or a break. Whenever you hear these from someone or from your boss that you have been approved for a leave, it couldn't be anymore sweeter in your ears. Then, counting the days until the holiday. Tickets booked and bags are packed. Ready. Coming home for a Holiday always sounds extra good especially … Continue reading Confessions of a Bakasyonista

Neutrals #OOTD

It was about time to post something on my blog. Just in time for Halloween. I know cobwebs and spiders have invaded my blog! Lol. It was a long time coming. Starting again was pretty hard to be truly honest. Nevertheless, I am back! Although at some point I have been stuck with black ensemble, … Continue reading Neutrals #OOTD

Truth about Minimalism according to Myself

Living less is more. The minimalist lifestyle fad has been going around Youtube or in real person's lives. I have watched a ton of videos about minimalism. People sorting out things in their closet, decluttering wardrobes and donating things. I just thought if your main aim of being a minimalist is to cut up with … Continue reading Truth about Minimalism according to Myself

Reunited in SG

I'll let the pictures speak for itself. We had fun in Singapore especially with the whole family with you. What more could you ask for. It's already a blessing just being with them and more so enjoying it in Singapore. Just seeing their eyes sparkle in joy is a truly golden moment for me. I … Continue reading Reunited in SG


It's easy to get lost from your center when you have a lot in your table. You get your hands full and sometimes it's hard to free them when your hands are still busy. I have learned that even if you get too stressed and problematic with work and life in general, we need that … Continue reading Untitled


I have compiled my recent #OOTW looks from my Instagram. Sometimes, I have no choice but to take a mirror selfie to capture my outfits(no photographer available). Sometimes, when I have a lot of time to kill( like when I'm few minutes to bed) I play dress up and do some styling. These looks are … Continue reading #OOTW Insta LOOKBOOK