I have compiled my recent #OOTW looks from my Instagram. Sometimes, I have no choice but to take a mirror selfie to capture my outfits(no photographer available). Sometimes, when I have a lot of time to kill( like when I’m few minutes to bed) I play dress up and do some styling. These looks are transition outfits from summer to fall.



Maroon Turtleneck from ASOS, ASOS Bomber jacket from the thrift, Forever21 navy shorts, Zara Navy loafers, Leather fanny pack from the thrift

I believe my favourite look from this bunch is this ensemble. The pairing of the maroon turtleneck with the bomber jacket made this look sophisticated. Also, trying to incorporate my newly acquired accessory, leather fanny pack from the thrift which is a diamond in the rough! Instantly fell in love with this bag. Sealed the look with my Navy loafers for a more expensive look. Not quite sure if the fanny pack is a good mix here but I thought it’s something different.


In this look I went a cross over between casual and preppy. Utilised a belt as an accessory to break in the “too casual” look of this ensemble which worked out well.

Navy t-shirt from Uniqlo(extremely soft supima cotton), Old Navy striped long sleeve shirt from the thrift, Cheap Monday cropped jeans from the thrift, Zara navy blue loafers


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Recently, I attended a runway show for The Dress Collective which showcased various designers in Melbourne. One of which is my friend which showed a really sophisticated collection(will post this separately). Anyhow, I dressed up too casual for the event. I was surprised when everyone were in dresses and suits! And dear me is wearing a pair of shorts and sneakers. But I was just being stubborn. I still went for this look even if  I know it’s a formal gathering. Definitely, stood out. LOL. Paired my ASOS turtleneck with a striped shirt. I love the layering I made here. It’s not too warm but could also do for the Melbourne weather which I am glad I wore a turtleneck as the temperature dropped! Welcome to Melbourne. I debuted my Yeezy boost 350 Moonrock in the show.


On lazy days, I go for a t-shirt-jeans-sneakers combo. It never fails. Comfort and minimalism merged into one outfit. I just inserted an extra pop of colour with my sneakers. The digi floral sneakers from Nike gave this look a little kick of excitement.

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ASOS Extreme super skinny jeans, Top from Uniqlo, Nike sneakers

I’ve Been Thinking

A lot has been coming in and out of my mind- the future, the now. But sometimes I do look back. A year already passed and I am pretty much proud of where I took off from this time last year. Definitely, better. We all went thru like a dilemma of what you really want to do with your career and the path that you want to take. Style, clothes, and looking sharp are my best interests. I have found my interest in photography as well. I want to do styling, to help people bring out their finest and to have that force to inspire others.

I hope I could take this passion into something that I could consider work. By being able to monetise my blog or looking for a job that is in line with fashion. Or maybe studying arts, fashion merchandising. I am really not quite keen on fashion designing but I want to open all the possibilities. That Teen Vogue x Parsons School of Design online course made me really think of applying but clearly I don’t have the abundance of time to enjoy and learn as of this time.

Anyhow, enough of my nonsense and onto good stuff.

The slouchy pants are on trend right now. I got inspired by YouTube Vlogger Drew Scott. He is one of my style inspiration right now. I admire his taste in style and editing videos. His videos are always on point. Whenever I get the chance to style my second favourite shoes, copper Oxford from Dr. Martens I just go with it. It is a hard shoe to style since the colour is too loud. So by taming down your colour palette like choosing muted tones or going for an all black or navy ensemble you can achieve a minimalist look.

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This was shot at QV Melbourne, Swanston St.

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#OOTD: Thrifted Levis denim jacket, Striped T-shirt from H&M, Tailor made suit pants, Shoes are by Dr. Martens.

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Thank you to my photographer Roi Mendoza! I love my shots. It certainly makes my blog look legit!

I got this going in my head: I don’t work hard to reward myself. I reward myself to work hard. We need fuel to power up our dreams and we need work for that and the drive to.

Shopping for Nothing

It was just day for doing basically nothing. Melbourne Central is having their shopping day every 1st of December, when all the shops have 20% off of everything(some have 25% off). My friends went through almost all the shops that day but I was just not feeling it. Deals are not too bad but still items I feel like are just above my spending limit. Anyhow, I still enjoyed this day just plainly rummaging through all the stores. Getting currency of the trends right now. Also, getting to see people wear clothes differently piques my interest.


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Went full on cliche with my SS2015 #OOTD

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And because when you plan on buying something, you usually get none. I was empty handed and just enjoyed the day off. But that is absolutely fine, my conscience is clear and I am free with any inch of guilt from not buying anything.

Outfit of the day: T-shirt from Uniqlo(very soft supima cotton), Cable knit sweater(that I didn’t wore, but just mainly for accessory) from Uniqlo, Pants thrifted from Uniqlo and Penny loafers from Zara

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The Cupcake Central at Melbourne Central. It reminds me of Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls and how delicious they’re cupcakes are!( though I haven’t tasted it). 


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Scored a pass to their create your own/design your own cupcake workshop.


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At The Emporium Melbourne one of the most posh malls I have ever seen yet. A string of musicians humming Christmas cheers for the shoppers. PS the Trees are real Christmas trees FYI. 

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I crave style. It’s my oxygen. It makes me alive. It keeps me sane. And even though, I don’t blog enough to create a cult following, The Style Must Go ON!

Until next time!

New Look

Athleisure trend is in. Let those sneakers shine and tailored pants out of the closet.

As of late, I have been trying to achieve that athleisure  streetwear look that has been going around. I am enjoying  pairing formal pieces with sneakers. It kind of stirs the too serious look into a more cooler and wearable outfit which doesn’t have to be more of an office attire. An excuse to get those good pair of slacks from the closet.

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I mean c’mon I’m wearing denim again so exciting! Haha

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Trying to achieve the easiness and relaxed vibe. It was a comfortable outfit to be truly honest. Not constricting. Still with enough room to move.

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I rolled out the jacket’s sleeve to break the boxiness of the jacket quite a bit.

#OOTD: Uniqlo Navy sweater, Cotton On tobacco brown slacks, Vans slip ons, AND the star of this look is the Thrifted vintage Levis denim jacket with an extra interesting bleached out pocket detail that made me really get it even if I have to shell out $25 for it. Super expensive for a thrift store! But I just could not resist. And the jacket is not the usual button up, it’s like a bomber jacket which I still don’t have. An interesting addition to my growing collection.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I just want to share what my current state of style is like. In the end, we still get the decision on what to wear whether we dress up for an audience or just plainly for ourselves. But, just be yourself. You’ll be fine.

Yes to Yeezy

I have a thing for earth tones specifically brown. It still has been my go-to color for my outfit choices and accessories amongst others. I’ve been comfortable wearing khakis and beige brownish over tones from top to bottom. Now, when Kanye West introduced his collection Yeezy Season 1 which was dominated by these colors, it really got me excited. It has that easiness and relaxed look which is on trend right now. He really knows what’s up.


The androgynous look of his collection is quite spot on. It’s very versatile and could readily translate to menswear which is kind of genius so say the least. I am getting Japanese minimalist look with his collection which is my style grind right now. I am digging Japanese fashion. Damn right, I love just the look of not really getting too dressy and preppy but has that coolness and sophistication.




Although our dear Tim Gunn might have threw some shade on Kanye and his recent dabble with fashion and also the Kardashians. I reserve him the right to his opinion. In the first place, he is a professor. He who knows fashion can have that critical opinion. In the words of Mr. Gunn, “When it comes to fashion I say to people all the time, if you want guidance for your fashion just consider this, if a Kardashian is wearing it — don’t.”

I just love Tim! He says it straight out.

But I thought that Kanye is just capitalising to what is now. Basics are a big trend so. That was easy, Yeezy? But, I am a basic human so this sells really well to me.

After 25 Years


She did it again. Not that she will not. Adele brought the wait even more worth it! It’s like waiting for your wedding day. It’s that good. She is set to release her “25” album this 20th of November 2015. The airwaves will be then be dominated again by the British diva’s sultry voice.

I mean Hello? No questions asked this will be the song of the year. Meanwhile, let’s feast our ears with this sure fire hit, Hello!

*photo credits from digitaltrends.com

Denim Darko

Literally, I just live in denim. I got all sorts of washes of denim jackets and jeans. There’s nothing really appalling about that. Many would have been on my shoes, owning a bunch of denim pieces and almost invading the very limited closet space. I don’t know there is just easiness and comforting about denim that I can’t live without.

I may be guilty for being a repeat offender but I won’t think twice doing it again.  My style isn’t what you can call cutting edge, out there but I just want to look myself and just wear what I want. It’s not really hard to be yourself. People just overrate things and try to keep up with everyone else when literally you don’t even have to. With enough inspiration and imagination, nothing can be made impossible.

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If you haven’t heard of DEPOP already, it is an online retail app where everyone can resell swap items all over the globe. This is where I got my true blue ASOS denim jeans.

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Shoe toast with my bestie Jenna! Also had a chance to break in my Oxford Timbs. #Shoegame

Obviously, there’s a denim on denim crime in here. This was a in a whim choice. I didn’t put too much time thinking what to wear. Give yourself a break. Be simple. Be comfy.

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Love this shot!

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And this!

ROI_0348 (1)

We all had a blast! With Roi and Jenna by the Yarra River.

Finding time to do what you love outside your day job makes you stay sane and enjoy your life more. So I always tell myself not to give up blogging or staying stylish amidst a packed schedule at work. I really enjoy doing this. It gives me that drive and excitement to live.

#OOTD: Uniqlo Striped Tee – Thrifted, Levis Denim jacket- Thrifted, ASOS Skinny Jeans- DEPOP, Timberland Oxford Shoes, Herschel Backpack

Credits to my photographer Roi Mendoza

How to Get Away with Navy

A Day in My Life

Follow me around to see what my day is like when I’m procrastinating and doing all sorts of nothing. Today, I went out just to wean off from toxic work conditions. As per usual I spend my day in the city, just wandering around looking for interesting spots and good bargains. Here is a visual diary of my day.

But before anything, I need to get my #OOTD shot from my mirror(still waiting for my tripod to arrive). I’m wearing my thrifted ASOS bomber jacket which is my latest thrift favourite, a thrifted stripe Carhartt Tee( Carhartt is an expensive streetwear brand but got this for really cheap), my usual ASOS Extreme super skinny jeans and my canvas Dr. Martens ankle booties.

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#OOTD Mirror Selfie

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The leaves starts to shed off. It’s fall season here down under.

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Love this shot I took in the city.  Summery feels. I used VSCO to edit this, I thought it looked very Tumblr-esque which I am aiming for.

This Pinot Noir scented REWINED soy candle is what I will smell like if I’m a candle. It smells really good! It has woodish notes and yeah all sorts of goodness. But it’s a bit expensive it retails at $44!!! That is one perfume bottle already I thought!

This is a huge bargain! From $180 down to 40. This Saucony Ignition 4 has really soft soles and has a good grip. Very nice for running or other active sports.

This is a huge bargain! From $180 down to 40. This Saucony Ignition 4 has really soft soles and has a good grip. Very nice for running or other active sports.


OBEY must have, must cop snapback! Retails at $49 at GLUED.

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Jack Sparrow must’ve left his ship in here. Lol. Such lovely sight!

So, this has been my day! See you guys next time!

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Capped of my night with a cuppa.


Back from the Grave

After a quite long break in the blogosphere, I am sharing with you guys an outfit of the day post. I attended a party of a good friend and helped out a bit and there. I swear to you guys a leather jacket will be your best mate in very trying situations. You can literally wear it with just about anything. I have been trying to get different looks out of it. Turtlenecks are on trend at the moment so I tried this Nordstrom Striped shirt which was given to me by a friend, Clara. I didn’t know I can use it  or if I can pull it off. I say, it’s not too bad. Sealed the look with my Dr. Martens Canvas ankle booties and my ever dependable ASOS skinny jeans.

And this is how my weekend was like.

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  I’m not trying to look funny here. 

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This is the best shot out of the whole lot. Lol

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A quick selfie at the train station in Melbourne Central

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It’s a Christening party for Baby Destan! Such a cutie pie!


With friends!



Kristine and Darius and their bundle of joy, baby Destan!