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Colours of the Wind

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I am not so proud of myself for doing more colours now as I have always loved colours. Like what everyone says they are proud of themselves for wearing colours, like because they always wear black. *cringe

But having said that, It is truly true that prime colours are making their way to the top of the colour wheel again. I mean there’s just gotta be more than black right or grey?  Thank God!


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Relaxed is the new fit

The perfect combo in styling and in everyday life, I thought was fit and comfort. If an outfit doesn’t fit very well then it probably won’t be comfortable if that makes sense. But an outfit that is comfortable and stylish at the same time is definitely a killer. Who wouldn’t want to be almost wearing nothing? (like not what your green mind thinks) *winkwink.

One of the current trend rn is the relaxed fit. Although, I can still see body fitting silhouettes. The relaxed fit is making a come back in a subtle way. I kind of gravitate towards the more fitted most of the time. However, there are clothes that just sits in your body very well and won’t leave you like a hanger. I’m loving this fit right now.

The first outfit is my favourite. This thrifted Armani Exchange top is one of those diamond in the rough finds I managed to score on my last thrift trip. The material is cotton, so soft and lays very well on the body. I love the drapey look it gives. You could actually turn it into those trendy off the shoulder tops for womens, of course. Also, been wearing these Navy blue shorts non-stop from Forever 21 that isn’t too tight fitting. The length of it makes me look slightly taller. Accessorised it with my Triwa dive watch, that I also really adore! I thought it made this look expensive than looking like I just got out from bed.

IMG_1041FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 5

This second look is pretty straightforward. I bought an extremely soft knitted jumper at the thrift. I was so lucky to find this for 5 bucks! It was from a premium UK knitwear brand that retails for at least 150 pounds. I just tucked it in and put on my Yeezy’s. I tried to look like Rihanna or other celebs who just stepped out of the bed and just put on random clothes they could find on the floor with a bit of hangover and looked extremely FASHION. It’s not like I wanted to look like them. But I love that feeling of putting an outfit without too much effort and that turns out so well. FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 3

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Streetwear Looks

As I have always said, those outfits I choose in a whim are simply better than most outfits that I spend most time doing. I went recently to a few thrift stores and gathered interesting pieces that suited my current appetite for street style.

With this first look, I played with the fit and colour. Times are changing. We are seeing more colours again. Red is one of my colour to bet on next to orange. Keeping it with the trend, the relaxed look also got me hooked up. I adore the juxtaposition of the street and preppy with this. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be feeling comfy and cool in an outfit.  Both pieces were thrifted. Thinking of cropping the NYC t-shirt?

There isn’t more to say.



This second look is probably my go-to outfit when I want to be lazy but still wanted to look I took some time with my outfit. Tucking in the shirt made this look more put together.  Adding an accessory like the belt and a watch can even elevate the look further. That is completely up to your mood or style. Jeans and shirt are from the thrift.


IMG_0922IMG_0923Finished the look with my ever loyal, penny loafers from ZARA. I may need to find another one like this as this is my ride or die shoes. Gearing towards dying. Lol. It’s so versatile that you can pack this on your suitcase and you won’t need to worry if it will go with any of your outfit because it not like a teen trying to fit in because it will definitely fit in! LOL. Just a quick storytime, every time I wear this shirt around, I seem to get a lot of attention. Not knowing before, Thirty Seconds to Mars, now I know! One mate even approached me, and willing to get the shirt right off my back! Crazy. Lol

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Neutrals #OOTD

It was about time to post something on my blog. Just in time for Halloween. I know cobwebs and spiders have invaded my blog! Lol. It was a long time coming. Starting again was pretty hard to be truly honest. Nevertheless, I am back!

Although at some point I have been stuck with black ensemble, I am originally an earth tone kind of guy. Particularly, drawn towards brown tones(like always). Almost all my bags  are brown. My style inspiration comes from different social media influencers like David Guison, Drew Scott.

I love juxtaposing dapper/formal with street/casual. Tucking in your shirt creates a sort of more put together look. Also, adding a belt can break up your look from looking too street style.


The raw edge jean trend has been everywhere. I took inspiration from Steph and Mel of The Fashion Citizen(Youtube). Just simply hack off the bottom of your jeans and let it fray or do interesting distressing on it. Currently, starting to create my own take on the raw edge distressing. Also, these Puma laces are quite long so You could tie it around your ankle for some extra street style punch.


In my experience, when I don’t try too hard on my looks it gets even better than I imagine. I love how this look turned out. I hope you did too!



Shopping for Nothing

It was just day for doing basically nothing. Melbourne Central is having their shopping day every 1st of December, when all the shops have 20% off of everything(some have 25% off). My friends went through almost all the shops that day but I was just not feeling it. Deals are not too bad but still items I feel like are just above my spending limit. Anyhow, I still enjoyed this day just plainly rummaging through all the stores. Getting currency of the trends right now. Also, getting to see people wear clothes differently piques my interest.


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Went full on cliche with my SS2015 #OOTD

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And because when you plan on buying something, you usually get none. I was empty handed and just enjoyed the day off. But that is absolutely fine, my conscience is clear and I am free with any inch of guilt from not buying anything.

Outfit of the day: T-shirt from Uniqlo(very soft supima cotton), Cable knit sweater(that I didn’t wore, but just mainly for accessory) from Uniqlo, Pants thrifted from Uniqlo and Penny loafers from Zara

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The Cupcake Central at Melbourne Central. It reminds me of Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls and how delicious they’re cupcakes are!( though I haven’t tasted it). 


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Scored a pass to their create your own/design your own cupcake workshop.


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At The Emporium Melbourne one of the most posh malls I have ever seen yet. A string of musicians humming Christmas cheers for the shoppers. PS the Trees are real Christmas trees FYI. 

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I crave style. It’s my oxygen. It makes me alive. It keeps me sane. And even though, I don’t blog enough to create a cult following, The Style Must Go ON!

Until next time!


A Day in My Life

Follow me around to see what my day is like when I’m procrastinating and doing all sorts of nothing. Today, I went out just to wean off from toxic work conditions. As per usual I spend my day in the city, just wandering around looking for interesting spots and good bargains. Here is a visual diary of my day.

But before anything, I need to get my #OOTD shot from my mirror(still waiting for my tripod to arrive). I’m wearing my thrifted ASOS bomber jacket which is my latest thrift favourite, a thrifted stripe Carhartt Tee( Carhartt is an expensive streetwear brand but got this for really cheap), my usual ASOS Extreme super skinny jeans and my canvas Dr. Martens ankle booties.

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#OOTD Mirror Selfie

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The leaves starts to shed off. It’s fall season here down under.

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Love this shot I took in the city.  Summery feels. I used VSCO to edit this, I thought it looked very Tumblr-esque which I am aiming for.

This Pinot Noir scented REWINED soy candle is what I will smell like if I’m a candle. It smells really good! It has woodish notes and yeah all sorts of goodness. But it’s a bit expensive it retails at $44!!! That is one perfume bottle already I thought!

This is a huge bargain! From $180 down to 40. This Saucony Ignition 4 has really soft soles and has a good grip. Very nice for running or other active sports.

This is a huge bargain! From $180 down to 40. This Saucony Ignition 4 has really soft soles and has a good grip. Very nice for running or other active sports.


OBEY must have, must cop snapback! Retails at $49 at GLUED.

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Jack Sparrow must’ve left his ship in here. Lol. Such lovely sight!

So, this has been my day! See you guys next time!

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Capped of my night with a cuppa.