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Colours of the Wind

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I am not so proud of myself for doing more colours now as I have always loved colours. Like what everyone says they are proud of themselves for wearing colours, like because they always wear black. *cringe

But having said that, It is truly true that prime colours are making their way to the top of the colour wheel again. I mean there’s just gotta be more than black right or grey?  Thank God!



I’ve Been Thinking

A lot has been coming in and out of my mind- the future, the now. But sometimes I do look back. A year already passed and I am pretty much proud of where I took off from this time last year. Definitely, better. We all went thru like a dilemma of what you really want to do with your career and the path that you want to take. Style, clothes, and looking sharp are my best interests. I have found my interest in photography as well. I want to do styling, to help people bring out their finest and to have that force to inspire others.

I hope I could take this passion into something that I could consider work. By being able to monetise my blog or looking for a job that is in line with fashion. Or maybe studying arts, fashion merchandising. I am really not quite keen on fashion designing but I want to open all the possibilities. That Teen Vogue x Parsons School of Design online course made me really think of applying but clearly I don’t have the abundance of time to enjoy and learn as of this time.

Anyhow, enough of my nonsense and onto good stuff.

The slouchy pants are on trend right now. I got inspired by YouTube Vlogger Drew Scott. He is one of my style inspiration right now. I admire his taste in style and editing videos. His videos are always on point. Whenever I get the chance to style my second favourite shoes, copper Oxford from Dr. Martens I just go with it. It is a hard shoe to style since the colour is too loud. So by taming down your colour palette like choosing muted tones or going for an all black or navy ensemble you can achieve a minimalist look.

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This was shot at QV Melbourne, Swanston St.

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#OOTD: Thrifted Levis denim jacket, Striped T-shirt from H&M, Tailor made suit pants, Shoes are by Dr. Martens.

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Thank you to my photographer Roi Mendoza! I love my shots. It certainly makes my blog look legit!

I got this going in my head: I don’t work hard to reward myself. I reward myself to work hard. We need fuel to power up our dreams and we need work for that and the drive to.


How to Get Away with Navy


A Quick Self-made Guide to Online Shopping

Retail stores are popping everywhere. And to reach their target markets even more, online shops have been established. Forever21, H&M, Topman, Topshop, Cotton On,  Zara are among the retail merchandising moguls in retail world of fashion. They’ve all have branched out into online stores. Meanwhile, ASOS is one of the top online clothing retail stores that does not have a physical store.  ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Cotton On are my choice of stores since I live in the Southern Hemisphere(We don’t have Zara, H&M and Forever21 online stores). All have good reputation to customers.







If you are into the affordable fashion, there is Aliexpress where you can purchase items with free shipping. The items are reasonably priced but of good quality too.  I thought that their selling point is their free shipping but it usually takes like 3 weeks to a month if I order from them. So, if you really need an item from the site you have to order it ahead of time, like a month in advance.

Customer service

ASOS also ships quickly and they have excellent customer service. I must add. I tweeted a little rip from a trousers that I bought from them and they instantly responded and sent me away a new pair. That awesome. Also, follow the social media accounts of these retailers. Customer service is so much more convenient and swift using this like thru Twitter or Facebook.

Coupon codes

Be mindful also that these stores hold their sales too. So keep an eye for coupon codes they give away for instant discounts to get the most out of your money. I mostly get coupon codes from ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Cotton On when they have promos or sale. Just a tip: it sometimes pays off to wait for the sale. I bought a pair of skinny jeans from ASOS in full price then few days after they announced a 30% off sale. That broke my heart.

Bogus sellers

You just have to be picky with some sellers. As there are horror stories of people not getting their products but with my experience I got them in one piece(LOL). For instance, if you are shopping in Aliexpress or Ebay, be sure to check the feedback rating. If I see a feedback rating of less than 95%, usually I dig deeper into the customer comments and decide from there. I have never experienced a bogus seller yet so being meticulous pays off.


Using Paypal gives me security when shopping online. When a dispute happens it can mediate or settle kinds of problems with payment or with the seller. Online safety and security is key as well. You don’t want any penny fall off that pocket of yours.

Online shopping has made some of our busy live more bearable but keeping in mind to put the pedal where it’s due. This can really get addicting if you don’t know your limits. Take it from me!